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Director of Food & Beverage, Osprey Management Group, Operating in Cumbria, An ever expanding forward thinking hospitality group, with a policy of redevelopment and quality refurbishment.

Holder of the World Record Largest Scotch Egg  2014, 


After graduating from Loughborough Catering College in 1990 I spent my early years in large hotels in Croydon and Gloucestershire. In March 2003 I moved to Cumbria, working for the likes of the Frost-Pennington at Muncaster Castle, where my passion for the food producers, produce and all things Cumbria and Its food began. 

 I’m a Seafood chef on the Simply Good Food TV app created by my good friend, TV Chef, Author and Presenter Chef Peter Sidwell, I've appeared alongside Nigel Barden on episodes for his Amazon Prime TV, Nigel Barden's Drive Time Dishes, My Cookery demonstrations and judging takes me around the country.


Seafood is my absolute passion, the West coast offers some of the finest, local and seasonal seafood, and these are key elements in my culinary style. Teaching and mentoring young chefs of the future has become a huge part of what I do.

Classic British food prepared with imagination and quality ingredients are central to my purpose with these, and associated services, sourced wherever possible from the wealth of local suppliers.

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