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Development and Innovation

My role first and foremost will be associated with the research and development activities related to my clients business. I will focus on my clients  food services business and create plans for expansion, promotion, and development. I will develop and present innovative culinary ideas for application in the workplace.

I can work with clients, major food manufacturers, and large food retail chains. Who are  expected to create new food concepts, to evaluate new products, and to test new recipes and assess their potential impact on public health.

My other responsibilities as a development chef include menu development, enhancement of manufacturing concepts, and formulation of new culinary policies.

Key responsibilities:


  1. Creating new ready meals, menu ideas and food products

  2. Responding to the findings of sensory and taste panels

  3. Working with food technicians

  4. Experience with high quality cuisine 

  5. Creative and innovative thinking

  6. Commercial acumen

  7. An understanding of ingredients and nutrition

  8. An ability to grasp sterilisation and preservation processes

  9. The skills to develop recipes using factory processes

  10. A handle on consumer trends

  11. Computer literacy

Fee £350 Per Day Plus Expenses

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