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Private Chef Hire

How it works
1 Select your location, date and time for your event( Please note price is for Cumbria only, contact me for other location travel expenses)
2 Contact me for availability
3 Browse available menu ideas
4 I'll confirm your booking with you 
5 You pay securely online
6 On the day, I'll arrive with all the ingredients
7 I'll cook in your kitchen and serves each dish
8 Before leaving, I'll clean down and do all the washing up

The price per person is £65

( Please note additional expenses incurred for travel outside of Cumbria)

Prices include: the purchase of ingredients, transport, preparation, service, storage and the time spent.

Prices are "per person". The menus are for an enjoyable bespoke fine-dining experience. The ingredients and service can be adapted to your needs.
The prices, for the private chef service, are for 6 guests. The price per person for less than 6 guests may be a little higher, as it will require the same amount of work to serve a meal for 3 people than 6.

Drinks are not included in the price. However I can offer wines with the menus; If you would like me to provide the drinks, Please ask! I will then create a unique and personalised menu.

I will adjust my work to the size and equipment of your kitchen. If it is too small, I will prepare most of the work in my own work place and finalize the dishes at your home. Similarly, if you lack the equipment, I will complement it.
If you still have doubts, please contact me and I can help!

You can make bookings for up to 30 guests, but you can get in touch with me for larger events if needed.
Organising larger events will require myself to come accompanied by assistants in order to guarantee that preparation and the table service are as professional as they should be.( Please note this will incur additional charges)

Above all, you will have the pleasure of entertaining at home, without having to worry about the logistics. You and your guests can enjoy a home dining experience fully organized and executed by myself. Just sit at the table and enjoy the whole evening, and I will take care of everything else: shopping, preparation, service and even cleaning up.

I will explain the meal course by course,  present the dishes and fit them to your needs.

Whether for a special occasion or a break with your friends, I can offer you a new experience.

I'm  here to help. Please contact me on 07927348446 for more information.

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