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Seared Fillet Of Beef with Celeriac and Tofu Salad

I’m going to use fillet of beef for my recipe, but you can use, rump, sirloin, I’d stay clear of rib for this,

I know celeriac isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and, to be fair, I’m not a huge fan, but prepared this way will totally convince you otherwise

I’m searing my beef in a pan, but you’ll get a fantastic sear and fantastic flavour if you are able to use the BBQ

Also, this dish eats so much better RARE, but you can cook the beef to whatever doneness you want

This recipe will serve two people


100g of Cumbrian Beef fillet

slash of light oil

salt and pepper for seasoning


100g of soft tofu ( you can get tofu in the supermarket)

A couple of tablespoons of miso paste

Wasabi paste to taste ( appropriate 1to 2 teaspoons)

A squeeze of lemon juice

Half a grated celeriac

Mixed chopped herbs, parsley, chervil, chive, coriander


1. Season the beef fillet on all sides really well

2. Now heat a frying pan until smoking hot, add a little oil, and carefully sear the beef on all sides for two minutes, until you get a cracking crust, transfer to a plate to cool

3. In a bowl, gently mix the tofu, lemon juice, wasabi, miso together

4. Add the grated celeriac and the chopped herb, mix carefully and season with salt and pepper to taste

5. Slice the beef as thinly as possible and arrange onto plates, serve with the celeriac and tofu salad

This is a great recipe for all of us who just might happen to be on a healthy diet, packed with fresh tasty flavour, low in calories and low in saturated fat

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