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Boozey Christmas Bakewell Slice

We've all done it! Been to the supermarket just before Christmas, saw the jar of mince meat, and thought

" do you know what I'm not buying mince pies this year! I'm going to make my own!"

And as you well know, we never do! The jar stays in the cupboard until you realise it's there and you throw it in the bin!!

Well just hang on a minute, I've got a recipe I'm going to share with you guys that'll use up that jar of delicious mince meat, but it isn't mince pies! Oh know this is better!

Boozey Christmas Bakewell Slice


  1. 300g ground almonds

  2. 300g butter

  3. 300g caster sugar

  4. 300g self raising flour

  5. 5eggs

  6. Splash of vanilla extract

  7. 150g mince meat

  8. A good splash of brandy, rum or BOTH

  9. 100g flaked almond


1. Right the first job is to open the jar of mince meat, measure out the required amount and mix in the brandy, rum, or both, go on! A good old splash, about 100ml

2. Beat the sugar and butter together until it's nice and creamy, then beat in the eggs one at a time

3. Add the vanilla

4. Now gently fold in the ground almonds, flour and the mince meat mixture

5. Gently tip into a buttered and floured tin

6. Sprinkle with the flaked almonds

7. Heat the oven to 180c, and bake until nice and golden, approximately 30-35 minutes

Now personally I'd serve this whilst still warm with some brandy custard

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