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Simple Potato Scones and Perfect Poached Runny Eggs

This recipe is fantastic, another one of those use up the leftover recipes really, you can use up leftover mashed potatoes, scoop out jacket potatoes, and even use up boiled potatoes and crush them, you'll get a different texture to your potato scones but they'll still be awesome

I'm also adding some leftover vegetables too, you don't have to, but the idea is to make a tasty meal out of nothing, I've added a slice of ham onto the top of my potato scone, but if you want, dice up the ham and add it into the mix

I'm then just topping everything off with a lovely soft runny yolk poached egg, no secret to a good poached egg really, other than just add a splash of white wine vinegar to simmering water and add your egg, Just don't boil the water, simmer, Perfect!!!!

This recipe will serve 4 people

You can make these potato scones and freeze them

You can also make your poached eggs in advance and keep them in iced water, then to reheat, pop them back into simmering water, but, unless you are cooking for an army I don't see why on earth you would want to!!!!

Ingredients list

450g of mashed potato

100g of plain flour


4 free range eggs

Any leftover vegetables, about 100g will do (optional)

A splash of vegetable oil

A splash of white wine vinegar

4 slices of cooked ham


1. Add the flour and potato to a mixing bowl

2. Season well

3. Add any chopped vegetables you have and carefully mix all the ingredients together

4. You should end up with a firm dough, but don't over work

5. Tip the mix onto a lightly floured surface, roll out, cut out the potato scones with a pastry cutter

6. Add a splash of vegetable oil to a nonstick frying pan and cook the potato scones on one side on a medium heat for 5 minutes

7. Now turn and continue to cook for a further 5 minutes

8. Finish by adding a knob of butter to the pan and keep warm

9.bring a pan of water to the simmer and add a splash of white wine vinegar, carefully crack an egg into a dish, with a whisk make a whirlpool effect in the water and gently add the egg

10. Cook the egg until you have your desired doneness

11. To assemble, place a potato scone onto a warm plate, place a slice of ham on to the potato scone, then top with your poached egg

12. Finish with a twist of black pepper and serve

Perfect for a breakfast, brunch, light lunch, afternoon snack or light supper

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