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7 Hour lamb

I think there's something wonderful about a piece of meat that has been cooked really slowly in the oven, so slowly that it just falls apart, there are many choices, beef brisket, pork belly, but for this recipe I'm going to use leg of lamb, the other thing I do is cook it on the bone, I just think meat cooked on the bone is so much better

You don't have to use lamb leg, you can use the shoulder, and if you can get your hands on some, try mutton!! You'll love it, the flavour is just second to none


1 large leg of lamb about 3kg

4 onions peeled and sliced

8 garlic cloves peeled but left whole

4 carrots cut into large chunks

300ml white wine (remember! If you wouldn't drink it! Don't use it!)

300ml chicken or beef stock, buy it! I'm not going to tell anyone!!

A good splash of brandy or Madeira, (optional)

A good bunch of thyme


This really is a doddle

Heat oven to 120C

Put a casserole on the hob and brown the seasoned leg of lamb on all sides

Do this very thoroughly until it is a good dark brown as it will not brown during the cooking.

(If you don't do it now, it will end up beige.)

It's really worth taking the time, it'll make the end result taste utterly sublime, Pour away any fat that has collected in the bottom of the pan.

Throw in the vegetables and thyme

Now add the wine and stock. Season and bring to the boil

Put the lid on and put the casserole in the oven.

Bake for 7 hrs, turning twice during cooking

The beauty of this recipe is you've no need to rest the meat when cooked in this way

To finish the sauce transfer the meat and vegetables to a serving dish.

Strain the sauce into a jug and skim away the fat

Pour the sauce into a pan then boil the liquid hard to reduce by a quarter, by which time it will be rich and flavoursome.

Adjust seasoning, add the Brandy or Madeira

There ya go! This is just fantastically good, I'd just serve this with some creamy mashed potatoes to soak up all that wonderful gravy

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