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Dover Sole with lemon, parsley and brown shrimps

It’s not as if the magnificent Dover Sole needs any sexing up at all to be honest, All I'm going to add are some delicious Brown shrimp to this recipe, there's nothing particularly fancy about the way we are going to cook this dish, we are just going to let the fish do the talking

I'm not even going to use peeled shrimp for this, to be fair the shells are so soft you won't even notice, just one other thing, try and use Dover Sole in the summer, they tend to be quite full of roe during January to March

The recipe here is just perfect for one, obviously double, treble etc for more fish


1 Dover Sole around 450g will be perfect (trimmed, no need to skin)

A good handful of fresh shell on brown shrimp

100g of butter

A good handful of fresh roughly chopped parsley

A good squeeze of lemon juice

A good pinch of sea salt (I use Maldon)


This really is quite simple

Place your Sole onto a roasting tray and brush well with a quarter of the butter

Place the sole under a preheated hot grill for about 7-8 minutes

Now pop it into the oven set to 190c for 5 minutes

While the sole is in the oven, gently heat the remaining butter, you want the butter to begin to foam, and turn a light golden brown colour

Remove from the heat and add the squeeze of lemon and the salt

Now you can add the parsley

Season to taste

Remove the sole from the oven and transfer to a warm plate

Add the shrimp to the butter and warm through

Now spoon over the shrimp sauce onto the fantastic sole

I'd serve this with some new potatoes and a simple green salad See! So So easy but fantastically delicious

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