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The Ultimate Alternative Mc D's Burger

I've never really been a fan of your high street fast food chains, for lots of reasons really, reasons for which we won't go into today, not unless you want to put up my bail money?

I do however enjoy a good homemade burger, if I'm out and about and I'm in a town or city which I don't know that well, I'll search out a place that's got a burger on the menu, I think it's the sign of both, a good chef, and, a good eatery, that can produce a really good homemade tasty burger, if you put as much effort into a burger, then chances are you'll put as much effort into everything else!!

I'm not for a minute suggesting that you eat burgers everyday for the rest of your natural!

but, every now and again, everything in moderation, is, in my opinion, not a bad thing.

I would however, urge you to make your own burgers, forget about all this secret ingredients rubbish, all you need is good quality meat, if I was to be flashy, I'd use a mix of minced brisket and minced skirt, but good steak mince is just fine.

Don't believe all the nonsense about "Special sauce" either, it's all a myth, utter ridiculous rubbish,

Enjoy your burger

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