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Baked Scallops in their shells

This is a dish I was inspired by a few years back when I had steamed Scallops in a Chinese restaurant, I've taken the basic principles but I bake the scallops in their shells, it adds a bit of theatre and also I love the smell you get from the hot shells I buy my scallops in their shells and always diver caught, that way I know they're fresh and alive! Never buy frozen ones they just absorb all the water, if you don't want to prepare them yourself ask your fishmonger to do it for you

Shopping List

12 large scallops (and their shells)

1 carrot

1 white of leek

2 stem ginger

Splash of light soy sauce

Splash of sesame oil

Zest and juice of a lime

Off cuts of puff pastry

Egg wash


1. Slice the carrot and leek into as finely as possible

2. Pour a boiled kettle over the leeks and carrot to soften them slightly, and drain well

3. Now add the sesame oil, Soy sauce and grated ginger

4. Place a small amount of the mix into the centre of each deep shell

5. Slice the scallops in half and arrange on top of the mix

6. Place more mix onto each scallop

7. Divide the juice between each shell

8. Top with a squeeze of lime and some zest

9. Place the top shell on each and seal with strips of pastry (see photo)

10. Brush with egg wash and bake at 190c for 9 minutes, no more or the scallops will be overcooked and rubbery

11. Serve straight away

These little beauties are fantastic for a dinner party, you can have them made up, pop them into the oven, after 9 minutes you have a stunning starter, and your guests will get the aroma and flavours as they open up the shells

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