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Christmas Pudding

I often say that my recipes are simple! Some would reply that they are not unlike myself! I'm a big believer in the art of cooking being enjoyable, if you don't enjoy it then why on earth would you bother?! So recipes should be easy to follow, but, also allow the person following said recipe, to be able to add, take away, experiment!!!

This Christmas pudding recipe is the easiest recipe you'll ever come across, it's the one I've been using for more years than I care to remember! Yes! I am that old!

What you will be able to do is add, leave out, whatever you want, if you don't want to put nuts in, add extra fruit, if you don't want to put peel in, add cherries! If you don't want to put alcohol in, add apple juice, you get the picture

The earlier you make it, the better it will be, so get cracking!

This pudding will serve 4-6 people

Christmas Pudding Recipe

  1. 225g raisins

  2. 225g sultanas

  3. 225g currants

  4. 225g whole meal breadcrumbs

  5. 200g chopped mixed nuts

  6. 1 apple grated

  7. 1 lemon juiced and zest

  8. 4 eggs beaten

  9. 250g dark brown sugar

  10. 225g suet

  11. 100g mixed peel

  12. 50g wholemeal flour

  13. 2 teaspoon mixed spice

  14. 500ml sherry, brandy or rum, or a mixture of all 3!!


  1. Mix all the ingredients together really well, leave in the fridge for a minimum of a week, you can add a little more brandy etc each day just for a richer pudding!

  2. Grease and flour your pudding mould, fill with the pudding mix, cover tightly with foil and steam for 2 hours

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