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Cumbrian tatie pot


This is where chefs can get themselves into all kinds of trouble, And I've a feeling I'm going to as well!!!

I've taken the already fantastic Cumbrian Tatie Pot and just added a little bit

And! Yes I know that the tattie pot is what it is!!

And yes! I know that EVERYONE has their own version! And that theirs is the traditional way! And I can already here the cries of

" he's put cider in it"

but it makes an already amazing meal even more delicious


A good splash of vegetable oil

1kg of diced shoulder of mutton (if you don't want to use mutton, lamb will do, but I think the mutton adds a fantastic depth of flavour)

3 onions finely chopped

3 carrots finely chopped

2 sticks celery finely chopped

½ small swede finely chopped

2 Cooking large apples, peeled, cored and cut into chunks

1 tbsp plain flour

500ml of lamb/ chicken stock

2 leeks sliced and washed thoroughly

1 good bunch of chopped mint

500g of good quality black pudding