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Dairy Free Scones

Not as difficult as you may imagine, if you’re intolerant, or just wanting to give them a try, this recipe is the one for you

This recipe will make 6-8 scones

Store cupboard list

  1. 350g Self Raising flour

  2. pinch salt

  3. tsp baking powder

  4. 3tblsp caster sugar

  5. 95g vegan vegetable spread

  6. 150ml soya milk

  7. jam & vegan cream to serve


  1. 1. Pre heat your oven to 220c / 200 fan / gas 7

  2. In a mixing bowl add flour salt baking powder & sugar

  3. Rub in the veg spread until you have fine breadcrumb texture

  4. Stir in soya milk

  5. Gently mix until you have a dough

  6. Dust your work surface with a small amount of flour

  7. Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough until 2-3 cm thick

  8. Using a cutter carefully cut out the scones

  9. Place them top side down onto a non stick baking sheet

  10. Carefully brush your scones with a little soya milk

  11. Place the baking sheet with the scones into the fridge for 10 minutes

  12. Take baking tray from the fridge & bake your scones for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown

  13. Serve slightly warm with jam & vegan cream

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