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Dover sole and brown butter

Now I'm going to get into trouble I dare say, because I firmly believe that Dover Sole is just one of those fish that should be cooked and served on the bone! I just think the Dover sole served whole is perfection on the plate, yes of course I'll trim it correctly, trimming the skirt away so all the customer has to do is pull the fillets apart and lift out the bone

There seems to be a trend these days amongst chefs to want to "chef up" beautiful fish into something that just doesn't need to be, I've always been of the thinking that

" why take a beautiful piece of fish and try and do so much to it?! Let the fish speak for itself"

They'll be many who disagree, it is only my opinion

I'm also of the opinion that a Dover sole around the 500g size is perfect for one person


  1. Splash of rapeseed oil for frying

  2. 2 X 500g Dover sole, dark skin removed and skirt trimmed

  3. 50g of butter cut into dice

  4. 2 large lemons, 1 juiced and the other segmented

  5. Small handful of capers

  6. A good bunch of parsley finely chopped


  1. You'll need two non stick cooking pans

  2. Heat both pans and a splash of rapeseed oil in each

  3. Season your Dover sole and carefully place each into the pans white skin down for 3 minutes

  4. Leave until golden, DO NOT SHAKE THE PAN!!

  5. Turn the Dover sole over and add equal amounts of butter to each pan

  6. Cook for a further 3 minutes

  7. Remove each Dover sole and keep warm on separate plates

  8. Add all the juices to one pan

  9. Add another knob of butter and cook until nut brown, now add the lemon juice, this will help stop the butter burning

  10. Now add the capers, chopped parsley and the lemon segments

  11. Season to taste

  12. Pour the sauce over the Dover soles

  13. Serve straight away with buttered new potatoes and curly kale or green beans

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