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Hake, Clams, Mussels and Chorizo

For those of you who follow my rather chaotic and occasionally out of control meandering and ranting on the various forms of social media, you'll by now know that I've a love of The Hake, we still don't see enough of it in the UK, and I think that's a real shame, I have it on my menu constantly, in one form or another!! I regard it that highly!! The Hake features in the first episode of my series Fish and Tips for Simply Good Food TV, In fact I'm probably photographed more with a Hake than I am with my Family!!!!

This recipe I'm going to share with you is a real favourite of mine, combines many of the flavours I enjoy, The Hake obviously, but also clams, mussels and chorizo

The Whole thing is cooked inside a bag in the oven, all of those flavours are retained perfectly, with the added bonus of clams and mussels which add that "seaside" smell, and the smokey flavour from the chorizo makes this dish absolutely stunning

This recipe will serve 4 people


  1. 4 on the bone Fresh Hake Fillets

  2. 150g of good quality cooking chorizo (go for the spicy one!) finely chopped

  3. 1 good handful of fresh clean clams

  4. 1 good handful of fresh clean mussels

  5. A good splash of dry white wine (if you wouldn't drink it! Don't cook with it!!)

  6. A good handful of fresh parsley chopped

  7. A fresh leek finely sliced and washed well (grit ain't good yeah?!!)

  8. Squeeze of lemon

  9. Splash of double cream


  1. Place your beautiful Hake fillets onto four squares of tin foil

  2. Top each one with the chopped chorizo equally

  3. Now place the clams and mussels around each hake fillet

  4. Fold the sides up carefully and add a good splash of white wine onto e