Hot Langoustines with “ No Mayo “ Mayonnaise

I’ve long been of the opinion that food cooked over an open flame takes some beating, especially seafood, any seafood, be it, prawns, whole fish, fillets, scallops, you name it, but there’s something about whole Langoustine, the smell you get from hot shells, that just can’t be beaten

This recipe isn’t so much about the langoustines, because you can cook whatever you want! It’s about the mayonnaise, or, more to the point, not mayonnaise! I’m aware that you all find me slightly strange! As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of mayonnaise, sure I use it, in various recipes, I’ll even at a push, dip chips in it! But, I don’t really like it, I think that’s dow to the fact I know how it’s made, and, more specifically, the amount of oil that you use in the making!

So I have been searching for an alternative, something that will give you that creamy sauce, but without the use of so much oil

And I think I’ve found it, this isn’t my recipe, albeit I’ve added a couple of ingredients to it, the recipe is vegan, not by design, it just happens to be vegan, and, if I dare say so, tastes a blooming sight better than none vegan and vegan mayonnaise! The recipe has a wonderful citrus taste that works fantastically with seafood, once made you can store it in the fridge for upto two weeks

This recipe will serve 4 people


24 whole Langoustines