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Musk's Of Newmarket Chipolata Sausage " Toad In The Hole " A LA TWIST

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Now I'm always rather wary of doing recipes based on "classic dishes"

This recipe is I suppose based on the classic dish of Toad in the Hole, One that we all grew up with, Loved or Hated

But this recipe bares absolutely no resemblance to that of the traditional style recipe, albeit it does have meat baked in batter, Sausage, really good sausage to be fair, From the wonderful people at Musk's Of Newmarket, Whose tasty sausages, in all manner of flavours I've been using of late. And It just wouldn't be right if I didn't add some little surprises too!!! Pheasant, Prunes, Lamb Kidneys and Brandy.

There will be people, and I can here them all now saying " Why on earth is he doing this? Toad in the hole is what it is! Sausage in batter and baked "

This is very true, But does it have to be just that?

Let me explain, I've a step daughter, a very opinionated step daughter, if she says she doesn't like it! She doesn't like it!, No Ifs, No buts or and definitely No Maybes!!

My job as a doting step father, is to convince and cajole, that what I'm cooking and putting in front of her, isn't horrible or inedible, but is in fact extremely tasty!

So you have to come up with ways of making foods tasty, luckily she loves Yorkshire pudding so I have a start, enjoys sausage so another bonus, Pheasant was going to be a problem, Early on in her life we had to convince her that the Christmas turkey was, Just a big chicken!! And as for Prunes! Well, even I'm still a little suspicious.

So with a little playing around, here's the recipe I've came up with, you can try what ever combinations you like, pheasant, pigeon, partridge, chicken, pancetta, Parma ham etc. it's a fantastic way of glamming up the humble traditional dish, that is, Toad In The Hole