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MUSK'S AND COLMAN'S SAUSAGE SCOTCH EGGS ( with haggis and whisky )

By now you will all know of my fascination for all things that are Scotch Eggs, and all of the wonderful variety of flavour combinations that you can possibly come up with! I'm always keen to find amazing tasting sausage meat to use in my scotch egg recipes, And I'm extremely pleased to say that this one is definitely a favourite of mine.

So here's a wonderful, easy to make, Scotch egg recipe using the marvelous Musk's Colman's Mustard Sausages, with the addition of another one of my favourites, Haggis!

The two combinations work wonderfully together to give that ubiquitous tasty snack, an even bigger flavour punch.

And they'll take just minutes to make.

I love cutting into them and seeing the runny yolk, I'm a massive fan of the runny yolk, but if you prefer your eggs to be more hard boiled, just cook for 10 minutes, I'm using a mixture of haggis and sausage meat, I just like the punchy flavour the two meats give,

( If like me, by chance you are a mustard freak!! I'd add a teaspoon of extra Colman's to your meat mix )

But you can just use all sausage meat if you want and omit the haggis, You'll still get fantastically tasting scotch egg.

I'd also urge you to try the Musk's Marmite sausage too, It's absolutely amazing, And I don't even like Marmite!!!!

The good splash of whisky I've added to my recipe is of course optional, But hey! It's a great addition!

Recipe will serve 4 people / Prep and Cooking time approximately 30 minutes

Shopping list

  1. 300g of cooked haggis

  2. 200g of Musk's Colman's Mustard Sausage ( skins removed )

  3. Splash of whisky (optional BUT I'd highly recommend It!!!)

  4. 4 hard-boiled eggs ( 10 minutes) or 4 soft boiled ( 6 minutes)

  5. 1 large raw egg

  6. Splash of milk

  7. 500g of dry breadcrumbs ( I use panko crumb )

  8. Pinch of mace, salt, freshly ground pepper

  9. Small quantity of Plain flour for coating the eggs


  1. Boil your eggs for the required time and cool quickly under cold running water

  2. In a bowl mix the sausage meat, haggis and a good splash of whisky, mix really well, Divide the mixture into 4 equal size balls.

3. In another bowl mix the mace, good pinch of salt and pepper

4. Dust the hard boiled eggs in a the seasoned flour. Tap off any excess flour

5. Carefully Wrap the haggis and sausage meat mix around the egg, making sure there are no gaps. You can do this by placing the meat mixture onto a piece of cling film, flattening the mixture slightly and pulling the cling film up around the eggs

6. Beat the large egg with a splash of cold milk and coat the meat-covered eggs with this and then the breadcrumbs, Do this twice, For extra crispy scotch eggs.

7. Heat the cooking oil to 185c, ( I'd use a deep fat fryer for this )Deep fry in hot oil, taking care as you put the eggs into the oil.

8. Cook for 7 minutes, until golden brown, If you don't have a deep fat fryer, they can be cooked in the oven turning frequently to ensure the eggs are well cooked and golden brown

9. Drain well on kitchen towel and serve hot, dare I say I love my Musk's Colman's Sausage Scotch Eggs with the well known brand of Colman's English Mustard! But the choice is yours.

Enjoy these fantastic tasty scotch eggs

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