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If you, like me, need absolutely no excuse to fire up the outside wood oven, BBQ, fire pit or just cooked on an open flame, then give this a whirl, No matter how many weird and wonderful things I've cooked on planks the easiest recipe is, and for me the tastiest, will always be Wild Salmon on an oak board. Scottish Salmon is in my opinion the best, so it's time to fire up the grill.

Shopping list

  1. An oak plank ( you can get these specifically for the job online)

  2. A side of Scottish Salmon

  3. Brown Sugar

  4. Garlic

  5. Salt + Fresh Ground Pepper

Things you may want to know

1. how does plank cooking actually work? The salmon is cooked and picks up the oak flavour, When the soaked plank is placed on the hot grill, it releases the moisture along with the aromatic oil that it picked up from the wood during the soak. This steam helps cook and flavour the fish while also keeping it moist, Wood and Heat creates smoke, In this case an oaky smoke which helps to cure the outside of the salmon, The end result of cooking salmon on a plank is perfectly cooked fish and lot's of flavour.

2. Don’t oil the plank. There's absolutely no need to. When the fish is done, you can just slip a spatula between the meat and the skin

3. Do however soak your plank. I'd suggest about 1-2 hours soaking time is enough to get just the right amount of moisture. If you're really pressed for time, just run it under the tap and make sure to keep a close eye on it while you're cooking.

4. Try and fill the plank, not always easy I know, but this helps prevent flare-ups during the grilling process, flare-ups often happen anyway. Wood and hot grill will almost always result in fire, just Keep a spray bottle of water on hand, spray flames when necessary.