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Sea trout with scallop coral sauce

Sea Trout, or, Salmon Trout as it's sometimes labelled, "is a Brown Trout that has migrated from the sea to rivers to spawn"

The Sea Trout is not dissimilar to salmon, but in my opinion has a far superior flavour and texture

Specific fishing times for Sea Trout varies river to river, but Sea Trout will run the rivers generally June, July and August

This Recipe will serve 4 people, and, will take 30 minutes to prepare and cook


You'll need

4 Sea Trout Fillets, Skin on, boned, weighing 120g each

1 Good bunch of Tender stem Broccoli, trimmed of the woody end bits

250ml of Fish Stock, you can get this in the supermarket made, or stock cubes

250ml of Dry White Wine

12 Scallops, keep the corals for the sauce

250ml of Double Cream

1 Lemon

Salt and Pepper


1. First cook the Tender stem Broccoli, Bring a pan of salted water to the boil, carefully place the Tender stem Broccoli in and cook for 3 minutes, drain, and place into iced water, this will help keep the fantastic colour, set aside

2. For the Sauce, Bring the Fish stock to the boil, reduce the heat and reduce by half, this helps intensify the flavour, now add the White wine, simmer again to reduce by half, you can now add the cream, bring to the simmer for 2 minutes,

3. Now add the reserved scallop corals to the sauce, simmer for 1 minute, blitz with a hand blender, pass through a sieve and keep warm

4. Heat a non stick pan, oil and season the Sea Trout on all sides, when the pan is hot, gently place the fillets into the pan skin side down first, DO NOT SHAKE OR MOVE THE FISH

5. Leave the Sea Trout for 3-4 minutes, or until the fish has cooked 3/4 the way through, now gently turn the fish over,

6. In the same pan, place the scallops and cook for 1 minute on each side, NO MORE OR THE SCALLOPS WILL BE OVER COOKED

7. Squeeze some lemon juice over the fish

8. Divide the Sea Trout and Scallops between 4 warmed plates, quickly add the Tender stem Broccoli to the pan to heat through, the lovely cooking juices will flavour the broccoli

9. Divide the broccoli between the 4 plates

10. Spoon around the fantastic Scallop coral sauce and serve

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