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Sole Veronique

This recipe is as classically French as a recipe can possibly be, albeit I’m using an extra dry Prosecco instead of the usual dry Vermouth, it was one of the first dishes I think I learnt to cook in my college years, it's a recipe with just a few ingredients, but tastes fantastic and looks really quite elegant

I'm using Dover Sole for my recipe, but lemon sole, megrim sole, plaice are all equally as good


4 Dover sole, skinned and filleted

100g of butter

2 shallots finely chopped

300ml of extra dry Prosecco ( plus a little extra to add to the sauce)

500ml of fish stock ( buy it! It's fine)

500ml of double cream

A good bunch of seedless green grapes cut into halves

Half handful of fresh chopped tarragon

Squeeze of lemon


season the sole fillets really well and roll up into rounds

In a pan melt half of the butter and sweat the shallots until they are soft

Now add the Prosecco and reduce till almost gone

You can now add the fish stock and reduce by half

Now add the cream and reduce again by half

Now either using a hand blender or food processor, blitz until smooth

Add a squeeze of lemon

Return the sauce to the simmer

Add the sole to the sauce and gently simmer for 7-8 minutes DO NOT BOIL!!

Check the seasoning, add the grapes and tarragon ( and a splash of extra Prosecco if using)

Serve immediately with some buttered curly kale and new potatoes This is a beautifully elegant dinner party dish

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