Thai Fish Cakes

By now most of you will have figured out how my "style " of cookery works, take the freshest of fish, don't mess with things to much, keep the flavours clean and simple, enjoy the preparation and cooking as much as the eating, And these little Thai Fish cakes are just that, from the making of the Thai paste, with all those spicy aromas floating around the kitchen, makes your mouth water before you've even begun to make the fish cakes!! To the simplicity of the dipping sauce that you just know is going to lift these beauties to an even higher flavour heaven, Now you can if you want, buy a good quality Thai Paste in any supermarket, but please give this a go, you'll regret it if you don't, the aroma you'll get is fantastic and you'll be using it everyday for a week because you won't be able to resist!!!!

So for the Thai Paste you'll need

1 splash of Rapeseed oil