This is everything I love about eating! Hot, sour, spicy, fragrant and the added bonus of PRAWNS!! I don't just say this, but I think I could live on this and nothing else! I enjoy cooking and eating it so much

This recipe will serve a couple of people a really tasty meal


  1. 1 ltr of Good chicken stock

  2. 1 red hot chilli (leave the seeds in!! I'm watching)!

  3. 1 teaspoon of brown sugar (palm sugar is best if you can get it)

  4. The juice of 2 limes

  5. The stalk of one lemon grass finely chopped

  6. A good splash of fish sauce

  7. 150g of fresh shiitake mushrooms (or chestnut mushrooms)

  8. 4 lime leaves

  9. 200g of raw, peeled tiger prawns

  10. Bunch of fresh coriander

  11. A couple of spring onions finely chopped


1. In a pan bring the chicken stock to the simmer

2. Add all the other ingredients (but not the prawns)

3. Gently simmer for 6-8 minutes

4. Carefully add the prawns and cook for 2 minutes NO LONGER OR YOUR PRAWNS WILL BE RUBBERY

5. Serve immediately into warm bowls and garnish with the coriander and spring onions

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