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Tuna Burgers

Now, I've called these Tuna Burgers, they are in fact a mixture of tuna and mackerel, just because I like the meatiness of the tuna and the flavour the mackerel adds, but by know means is this set in stone, you could use what ever fish or combination of fish you like, salmon, cod, hake, crab, even smoked fish if you want! But do try and add some oily fish in as this will help bind the burgers better I'm convinced that once even the hardest of meaty burger fans try these gorgeous Tuna Burgers they'll be converted! They are even a great way to encourage the kids to eat fish! Get them to help you make them

Shopping list

300g Fresh Tuna

300g Fresh mackerel,skinned and boneless Fresh basil Fresh coriander Fresh mint

1 lemon, zested and juiced

1 red chilli (2 if you really want a kick)

4 spring onions (the green bits roughly chopped) Salt and pepper

2 nice and ripe tomatoes

Lettuce leaves (iceberg, baby gems, your choice)

4 Buns ( again your choice, ciabatta, soft, crusty it's up to you)

For the "tartare" sauce

Now I've called this Tartare sauce, it's not a true tartare sauce but my variation

4 tbsp capers drained and roughly chopped

4 tbsp gherkins drained and roughly chopped The White of the spring onions roughly chopped Basil,coriander and mint roughly chopped Pinch of the lemon zest Squeeze of lemon Salt and pepper to taste


1. Now these are really versatile, you can cook them on a BBQ, in a pan, under the grill or in the oven, you choose, I prefer them on the BBQ

2. Place the mackerel, chilli and herbs in a food processor and blitz for 30 seconds

3. Tip out into a bowl