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Turbot with hollandaise sauce

Now I really do think that the Turbot is an absolutely amazing fish, I'll always try to cook Turbot on the bone whenever possible, as I also keep saying, simple is the best, and it doesn't really get much simpler than this recipe

I also firmly believe that the humble HOLLANDAISE sauce is one of the best accompaniments to a great piece of fish, so I'm going to serve the Turbot with this

Turbot on the Bone with Hollandaise Sauce


This recipe is for four people

4 pieces of turbot on the bone,about 220g each 50g butter splash of olive oil Hollandaise sauce 4 egg yolks 250g clarified butter juice of ½ lemon Pinch of salt

To make the clarified butter

Gently melt the butter in a pan over the lowest possible heat.

The butter will separate, the bits we don't need go to the bottom, while the butter we do want will remain on top.

Gently pour this through a strainer and discard the white solids.

To make the hollandaise sauce Bring a saucepan of water gently to the boil.

Put the egg yolks into a metal bowl that fits over the pan and add a good splash of water.

Place the metal bowl over the pan of simmering water and whisk until the egg yolks foam and then thicken.

Reduce the heat and cook the yolks until they have the consistency of thick cream.

keep whisking until the eggs thicken, When you can see the bottom of the bowl as you whisk the eggs are ready

Remove the bowl from the heat and whisk until the eggs have cooled.

Season to taste.

Now slowly pour a steady stream of clarified butter into the bowl, whisking constantly until all the butter has been incorporated.

Add the lemon juice, season to taste, your sauce is now ready.

To make the turbot

Heat the oven to 180C

Season the turbot all over really well

Heat a non-stick frying pan.

Add the splash of olive oil and place the turbot into the pan.

Gently shake the pan so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

Cook for four or five minutes on one side, then turn and cook for four or five minutes on the other side.

Add the 50g of butter

Now place the Turbot oven for 5 minutes, basting with the butter occasionally

When the Turbot is cooked, remove the turbot and leave to rest for five minutes.

To serve

Place your Turbot onto warm plates and dress with the hollandaise sauce.

I'd serve this with some new boiled potatoes and buttered curly kale

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