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How many of you rush out to that well known chocolate shop to buy choccies for friends and family?!

If you're looking for something to make for friends, Or just a treat for yourself, have a go at making your own chocolate truffles, they are so easy, I'm making whisky flavoured ones, but make whatever flavour you want, whisky, Rum, Drambuie, etc

Shopping list

  1. 2 tablespoons Whisky ( or your preferred flavour)

  2. 5 oz (150 g) dark chocolate (75 per cent cocoa solids, or darker if you prefer)

  3. 5 fl oz (150 ml) thick double cream

  4. 1 oz (25 g) unsalted butter

  5. 1 level tablespoon Greek yoghurt

  6. 50g of cocoa powder for coating the truffles


1. First of all break the chocolate into pieces and place it in the food processor.

2. Switch on and blitz the chocolate until it's broken up well ( should only take 20 seconds)

3. Now place the cream, butter and Whisky into a saucepan and bring to a simmer.

4. Now with the food processor switched on slowly pour the mixture into the processor and continue to blend until you have a smooth blended mixture.

5. Now add the yoghurt and blend again for a few seconds. 6. You can now transfer the mixture into a bowl, allow it to get quite cold, then cover it with cling film and refrigerate until well chilled, Don't worry if the mix appears liquid it will thicken up after chilling 7. Once your truffle mix has chilled, sift the cocoa powder on to a flat plate, take a heaped half teaspoon of the truffle mixture and either dust each one straightaway all over, which gives the truffle a rough rock-like appearance, or dust your hands in cocoa and roll each piece into a ball and then roll it into the cocoa powder if you like a smoother look. Place it immediately into a plate. Obviously, the less handling the better, as the warmth of your hands melts the chocolate.

You can now arrange the truffles in a box or however you wish to serve them, Keep them refrigerated and they'll keep for a couple of weeks , Alternatively, truffles are ideal for freezing.

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