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World Record Largest Scotch Egg

This is something that, although I joke to the contrary, I am immensely proud of, i didn't do it alone as you will see, I wasn't even sure that we could even do it!! Everything that could go wrong leading up to the day, did go wrong.

But as you'll see from the video, we did do it,

I'd like to dedicate this moment captured in history to two people are sadly no longer with us

Firstly, Mike Lindley, Whom without non of this nonsense would have happened, this was his baby, god bless to you Mike, God Speed my wonderful friend

And, Secondly, Antonio Crolla, the owner of the Mermaid Chippy in Leith, who, with the most amazing grace, allowed this English wannabe Scotsman, take over his chippy for the day, I'll be for ever grateful, friends were made, and I'll never forget you Big Man x

So, here it is, the day, albeit, an edited down version, if you can bring yourself to watch it all the way through!!! I salute you, You have far too much time on your hands!! so if you thought it boring? Imagine waiting around for the bloody egg to boil and cool down!!

Best Wishes


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