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Musk's Pork Sausages With Colman's Mustard Review

So! Finally here are my thoughts on the much talked about Collaboration between, Musk's Pork Sausages and Colman's Original English Mustard

Now, I'm not going to lie to you, Before I even got started, I'd already made up my mind that It was going to be another one of those cases of,

Large Company gets together with another large company, Whacks some ingredients together, Cares not a jot about flavour, cashes in, Says " Cheers " to the gullible consumer,

And each of the company directors buys themselves their second Bentley!!

Because let's face it, Two big brands collaborating can only end in disaster right?

After all we can all remember the debacle that was U2 and Apple!!!

But anyway, Here's what I genuinely thought.

If you have a " By appointment by her Maj " badge proudly displayed on the front of your packaging, I'm immediately going to be expecting BIG things, And, Also, the fact you have teamed up with, and added another large, well known, everyone's favorite, Mr. Unilever's finest meat accompaniment, on there too!

You'd better deliver, I'm expecting more from these sausages than I probably would normally.