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Pork and Black pudding Patties with Welsh Rarebit and Potato Cakes

Now, You can obviously put these patties into buns and eat them as a burger, of course you can, but i thought it might be nice to do something different

There are 3 recipes to this , the patties, rarebit and potato cakes, so you can use any for different dishes, 3 in 1!! ain't bad

Now I've called these patties, but of course there's no real difference to burgers, but I always think burgers means buns!!! and it doesn't have to, It's just a great way of serving something slightly different

I'll split each recipe up so the ingredients don't get confusing, then you can make each one as required

This recipe will serve 4 people

For the patties

175g of chopped black pudding

450g of pork shoulder blitzed in the food processor, or minced if you can

1 medium onion peeled and finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic peeled and crushed

8 sage leaves finely chopped

1 beaten egg

100g of fresh bread crumbs


To make the Patties

1. On a medium heat cook the onion, garlic and sage in a small knob of butter to soften, allow to cool

2. In a bowl, mix the pork and black pudding, add the onion mixture, egg and breadcrumbs, season really well, make sure everything is well combined

3. Divide the mixture into 4, shape into 4 patties

These can now be grilled, BBQ'd or pan fried

For the Welsh Rarebit

325g of strong grated cheddar cheese

75ml of whole milk

25g of plain flour

25g of fresh white breadcrumbs

1 tablespoon of English mustard

A good splash of Worcestershire sauce

1 egg and 1 egg yolk


1. Put the cheese and milk into a pan, on a very low heat, gently melt, once melted add the flour, breadcrumbs, mustard and cook for 2 minutes, add the Worcestershire sauce, mix well and allow to cool

2. When the mix is cool add the eggs and beat really well

3. This mixture can now be chilled ready for use

For the potato cakes

2 large cooked potatoes that have been baked in the oven

50g of plain flour

A good knob of butter

A bunch of spring onions finely sliced



1. Scoop out the potato from the jackets into a bowl

2. Carefully mix in the butter, flour, spring onions and season really well, don't over mix, or your potato cakes will be stodgey

3. Divide the mixture into 4, mould into even cake shapes

4. You can now cook the potato cakes in a pan, on a medium heat, about 5 minutes each side or until nice and golden brown

Now to assemble the final dish

1. Heat your grill to high

2. spread an even amount of the rarebit mixture onto each cooked pattie, place under the hot grill

3. Place the potato cakes onto 4 warmed plates, carefully remove the patties from under the grill, the rarebit should be nicely melted and golden, place the patties on to the potato cakes and serve

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