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Pork and Black pudding Patties with Welsh Rarebit and Potato Cakes

Now, You can obviously put these patties into buns and eat them as a burger, of course you can, but i thought it might be nice to do something different

There are 3 recipes to this , the patties, rarebit and potato cakes, so you can use any for different dishes, 3 in 1!! ain't bad

Now I've called these patties, but of course there's no real difference to burgers, but I always think burgers means buns!!! and it doesn't have to, It's just a great way of serving something slightly different

I'll split each recipe up so the ingredients don't get confusing, then you can make each one as required

This recipe will serve 4 people

For the patties

175g of chopped black pudding

450g of pork shoulder blitzed in the food processor, or minced if you can

1 medium onion peeled and finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic peeled and crushed

8 sage leaves finely chopped

1 beaten egg

100g of fresh bread crumbs


To make the Patties

1. On a medium heat cook the onion, garlic and sage in a small knob of butter to soften, allow to cool

2. In a bowl, mix the pork and black pudding, add the onion mixture, egg and breadcrumbs, season really well, make sure everything is well combined