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I’ve got a love hate thing going on with grouse, I’ve eaten it many times in my life, once it was fantastic, a couple of times okay, but usually, absolutely awful!

Grouse has a rather herb/ heathery kind of flavour I think, some people love it, others wouldn’t thank you for using it to clean the doorstep!! I guessing the latter is because grouse can be very dry if not cooked correctly, being of the “ classic “ brigade, I like mine with the Bread sauce, game chips, liver on toast and a good red currant gravy

Shopping list

  1. 1 grouse per person

  2. A couple of tablespoons of goose fat

  3. 4 rashers of streaky bacon for each grouse

  4. Salt and pepper

  5. To make your gravy

  6. Wings, giblets and neck of the grouse

  7. 2 carrot roughly chopped

  8. 2 small onions roughly chopped

  9. A few bay leaves

  10. 200 ml of red wine

  11. A couple of tablespoons of plain flour

  12. A good dollop of red currant jelly


It’s a good idea to make your gravy first

1. Fry your grouse bits with the onion and carrot in a small amount of goose fat until nicely browned

2. Add the bay leaves, wine, and enough water to just cover

3. Bring gently to the simmer, don’t boil!

4. Simmer for an hour